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The boating lifestyle

If you're new to the boating lifestyle, it's different to what you've ever experienced, and an amazing lifestyle choice.

Boating opens new destinations - both close and, with the right preparation, far from home. Travel and explore places inaccessible by other means, whether on the ocean or rivers and creeks.

Enjoy a swim off your boat, fishing whenever you feel, the open air and relaxing in the sun. You'll experience a new way to look at the world.

Safety is paramount when boating. You should make sure you receive all relevant training from navigation and weather to vessel operation, safety equipment usage and overall maintenance.

If your getting started, consider starting with a small boat or a vessel otherwise suitable for a beginner to help you familiarise yourself with operating a boat. Be aware that every boat handles differently.

Also make sure you get the best training possible: from courses to learning materials. Be aware that many mandatory training and licensing courses will not necessarily by themselves be sufficient to ensure true adequate competency for operating a vessel safely. Take advanced courses and if possible take every opportunity to go boating with experienced crew to improve your abilities and skills.

Boating's all about safety, fun and enjoyment. It's a wonderful experience and a life-long skill that opens new social opportunities and gives you a new perspective on life.


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