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Choosing a mooring

Choosing the right mooring for your boat is important for security, accessibility, maintenance and convenience. Here are some tips to help you make your decision.


Mooring costs can range substantially depending on location, duration, or whether you decide to purchase or lease. A great alternative to mooring your boat at a marina is to check whether any property owners in your area have an unused jetty that they are renting out, as sub-leasing one that is attached to a property or apartment/unit title can result in considerable cost savings.


Electronically protected gates, security systems and video surveillance goes a long way in helping you protect your vessel when it is unattended. Busy marinas where more expensive vessels are kept many also have lower crime rates than others - check with your local police station to see whether they have any suggestions or advice for your particular area.


Some marinas have better layouts than others. If sufficient room isn't given to allow boats to manoeuvrer, you'll encounter lengthy delays and extra effort every time you arrive and depart.


Store your boat close to where you plan to use it the most, but also factor in how often you plan to access your boat for maintenance, cleaning or general purposes. Storing your boat two hours away near your favourite boating or holiday destination might be great, but if you need to access your boat every couple of days the extra travel time for those more frequent trips may become inconvenient.

Dry or Moored

Boats in the water are subject to a number of environmental conditions that can lead to corrosion, increased maintenance frequency and expenses and a shortening of the vessel's life. While it's great to have your boat moored on the water for ease of access and entertaining guests, dry storage options are also a possibility - ranging from raising smaller boats out of the water using technologies such as AirBerth, to physically removing the vessel from the water using a crane and storing it on land between uses.


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